How to Stop Overthinking and Start Making Good Decisions

The biggest problem I see with my young adult clients is Overthinking…
Unfortunately, social media is doing a great job at programming all of us that we have endless choices and the worst part is, it seems everyone else is making the right choices and becoming successful while we just sit and wonder what we’re doing wrong…

did I make the wrong relationship choice?

did I make the wrong job/career choice?

did I make the wrong choice by ordering an entire pizza for myself at 2am after an epic Friday night binge?

This week’s show is all about answer some basic questions and clearing things up so you can stay focused and have a good formula for making good decisions when faced with a bunch of choices.

Some of the things that come up in the show include:

What is the Paradox of Choice and why is it messing with your head?

How to ignore everyone else’s social media highlight reel and focus on yourself and your unique path…all without feeling FOMO

The simple one word solution to overthinking that will immediately let you cut through the crap and give you confidence that you’re making a solid decision

What is the “Big 3” list and why you need to sit down and write it out…IMMEDIATELY!

Are you more of a Consumer or a Creator? And, how to spend more of your day Creating than Consuming

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