How to Make a First Date Very Successful

Today we chat about how to make a first date very successful

And by successful, we don’t necessarily mean having the date lead into another date, or ending up at her place in a Netflix and Chill situation.

We have all experienced those not-so-fuzzy feelings that take over our body immediately after agreeing to a first date.

First, `we question whether this “first date” we speak of is even a date or if we are just making this up in our head along with what color our bridesmaids dresses will be.

So, do yourself a favor and…STOP. RIGHT. THERE!

Take a deep breath and stop questioning this meet-ups existence and definitely planning your divorce.

This human (or some variation of) asked you out for a reason and you agreed for a reason.  Now, in hindsight, you may have been totally hammered or more agreeable than you would usually be because some lamo just bailed on you and this other person happened to show up at just the right time to fulfill your “I’ll show you” plan.

That actually doesn’t matter…you agreed, for whatever reason and so, why the hell not just ride it out?  You never know…

Our goal is to get build the awareness within you as an individual. Stop overthinking. You will be just fine. 
In this episode of The Walk Of Shame Radio Podcast, Tony and I discuss first date etiquette and how to create a successful first date.

Success doesn’t mean taking your date home and ripping their clothes off after dinner, it means truly feeling you got something from the date.

As the concept of dating shouldn’t get away from you…it is 2 people sitting down to genuinely connect in hopes of creating a beautiful relationship.

Too many people get lost in their self conscious mind or ever worse their ego.

Tune in and allow us to walk you through a few tips that will help you feel confident about your next first date. It could even be you last.