This week’s episode reveals one tiny action you can take that can instantly change your life.

It’s all about making one simple choice before you:

  • Lose your temper
  • Decide to do something that you know will lead to you feeling bad about yourself
  • Take an action that you know will keep you stuck in a routine you don’t want to be in

Surprisingly, the key to changing your life instantly comes from two lovable losers:

  • George Costanza on Seinfeld and

  • Jim Carrey in the movie, “Yes Man”

With George, he had finally had it with his miserable life and made that instant decision which resulted in an amazing shift.

With Jim Carrey’s character, Carl, it was his son’s wish that forced him to see how that one decision could drastically improve his life.

And, even though these guys are TV and movie characters, the technique they use is REAL and you can immediately use it on yourself.

Because this technique is so powerful, I would highly advise you use it as a beta test on yourself, maybe for just one day.

Then, you can look at your results and begin to make some small changes in your thoughts and behaviors in order to become more aligned, centered and happy with your life.


Remember, be good to yourself and be good to others.


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