How to End Frustration By Breaking Through the Sound Barrier

I’ve been frustrated for a little while now, which is why this podcast is a couple days late.

I have not been able to figure some things out in my life and the longer it goes, the more frustrated I become.

And, that is why I wanted to do this podcast…not to dump my frustration on you, but to share with you a story about breaking through barriers that I remembered recently.
The Story of Chuck Yeager Breaking the Sound Barrier
The story of Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier in a jet plane way back in 1947 actually helped me to break through my own frustration barrier.

So, I figured, well…why not share my story on the chance that it may help you to break through a personal barrier that you have been struggling with…or maybe you’ll be able to remember the story so that next time you are struggling, it could help you to shift your perspective and break through.

Also in this episode I’m asking you for a small favor.
I Need Your Help
I’m trying to create a course, or MasterClass that will target only the most important issues that my tribe is dealing with right now.

I want to almost custom make a course to help you to get to your next level in life and for that, I need to know the type of questions you need answered.

So, please let me know what questions you’re asking yourself…The How To’s and the What should I do’s and the When should I do’s…etc.

Email me at and share with me your questions so I can help you the best I can with your specific issues you’re dealing with on your journey to a more fulfilling life.


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