How to Effectively Communicate With Different Personality Types

This is an encore broadcast of Lexi and I sharing with you How to Effectively Communicate With Different Personality Types.
The point of the show this week is to expose the four most general personality types (known as the Personality Quadrant) and to explain each one so you can get some idea of where you fit. As an extra bonus, Here is the link to an online test where you can take the test for free and find out which type of personality you associate with the most.

Another easy and cheap way to figure out what your core personality, is to head to Amazon and pick up the book by Keirsey and Bates titled, “Please Understand Me”.  It has a test that will take you about 20 minutes but will provide you with a wealth of information about what type of personality you tend to be.

I generally follow the Personality Quadrant model for personality differences.  This model splits personalities up into four possible categories:

The Controller

Task accomplisher
Bottom-line results
Forward looking
Fast decision-maker
Initiates activities
Likes to control others

The Promoter

High energy
Enjoyable to be around
Creative imagination
Initiates relationships
Competitive spirit

The Analyzer

Defines, clarifies
Concerned with accuracy
Gathers needed data/information
Tests data
Maintains standards

The Supporter

Dedicated and committed
Loyal team member
Good listener
Good at reconciling factions

For a really good description of each of these personalities, click here…it will take you to a Virginia Tech website that bullet points the main characteristics of each personality.

Once you have an idea of where you stand, you’ll be able to see that other personality types see and hear and feel the world a lot different than you do.
Biggest Communication Problem
This is the biggest cause of communication problems…because, even though you feel as though you’re doing a great job explaining your point of view, the other person either isn’t listening or just doesn’t get it…which leads to you being frustrated…which leads to them getting frustrated…do you see where this is going?

So, that’s why Lexi and I wanted to explain how to effectively communicate to someone that has a totally different personality structure than you do.

Also, we wanted to touch on the different communication approach needed based on the situation…you wouldn’t want to communicate to someone that you are asking out the same way you would with your boss.

All of these questions and more are answered on this week’s show.

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