How to Date Your Ex

Should you go on a date with your Ex?
Is it possible to date your ex and remain friends and not get pulled back into the dumpster fire that led to the breakup in the first place?

Its all about creating a “new” relationship
Actually, there is a way to “date” your ex after you’ve broken up without getting sucked back into to a toxic relationship. It all comes down to creating a “brand new” relationship.

Dating, or going out, or just being friends with an ex is possible, but only if you properly grieve, mourn and bury the original relationship and give yourself enough time to heal.

Lexi and I use this show to go step by step through the proper way to grieve the old and create something new that will add a solid friend to your tribe, without the drama that usually comes from inviting an ex back into your life.

In this show we cover:

The right way to grieve and bury a relationship

How much time do you need to recover from a breakup in order to feel good about hanging out with your ex?

How to set solid boundaries with your ex during your date so no one feels mislead or butt hurt

Is it ok to get intimate with your ex if you’re trying to establish a new relationship

What to do if you feel it just won’t work?


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