How to Crush It! , by Amanda Gorman

Listen to this if you want to know exactly how to crush life.

Amanda Gorman, American poet, crushed her poem, “The Hill We Climb” and in the process showed us all the formula for making a huge impact in the world.

There are only a few times during your life that you come across something so surprisingly powerful you literally stop in your tracks and become entranced in the power of the moment.

For me, these situations have been rare:

  • Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem after 9/11
  • Nadia Comaneci scoring the first Perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics history
  • Usain Bolt practically jogging the last 20 meters of the 100 meters race because he was so much better than everyone

And to add to that list, Amanda Gorman.

This 22 year old young woman embodies confidence, grace, class, intelligence and leadership.

Her life, leading up to and including her poetry reading during the 2021 Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden, includes a number of unfortunates and setbacks.

Yet through it all, with help and guidance from a strong single mom, she has persisted and succeeded, and as a result bringing her gift along the way to lift up us all.

Her formula for success is very similar to the classic Stoic Foundation of Life which is very simple yet powerful:

Knowledge and Virtue

Constant striving for more and better knowledge in order to think and behave with virtue, with integrity.

In the show I talk about how she navigated the pitfalls to provide a perfect example of living a completely fulfilled life…one that we can all obtain if we just follow Amanda’s example.


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