How To Create The Perfect Life Balance For Success

Are you overworked? Do you feel totally out of balance? Are important things falling through the cracks? Are you putting off doing important stuff for no particular reason? Are you frustrated you aren’t further along in your life than you want to be?
It was because of these questions both Lexi and I have asked ourselves at one time or another that we decided to share with you…
How to Create the Perfect Life Balance for Success
In the show, we share:
– What goes into having a “perfect life balance”
– A 3-step process for getting yourself in balance
– Tips on how to keep yourself in balance
– A technique to uncover the reasons you keep getting out of balance
– How to re-focus in your job to help your overall life balance
– And a couple more cool tips
The 3-step process for getting yourself into balance

Stage 1: Realization: There is a realization that you are too busy or have taken on too much because things are starting to fall through the cracks.  Good news is you are “aware of it” and that you know you need to take action to get things right
Stage 2: Prioritize: First thing to do is figure out where you are right now by keeping track of what you do with your time by doing a time log for about three days. Then take a look at that info and see what things you are currently prioritizing and how much time you are giving things to right now and if there is anything you “want” to do but don’t make any room for.

Then, write down a “best case scenario list” or a plan of attack that includes an overall general life direction goal then a priority list with the most important actions to expand towards that objective at the top.

Stage 3: Balance: The key to Stage 3 is “Bridging”, or understanding that you need to have one foot in the big world at the same time you have one foot in your own world.  With that understanding, take a look at the priority list, along with your actual day log and determine where you can tweak it so the important life expansion parts get their needed energy but at the same time your “big world” responsibilities are being met.

I also wanted to bring up a great article I found on Upworthy titled, “A Comic About Hard Work and Depression That Everyone Should Read.”

The article is a perfect example of how you can get way off balance in a job when your identity starts being more about the job than about who you are.