How to Achieve the Perfect Millennial Work/Life Balance

This week on the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast, my special guest, Amanda Ventura and I share our solutions on how to achieve the perfect Millennial work/life balance.
From Millennial to Millennial
Amanda is a “Senior” Account Manager with Evolve PR and Marketing, here in Phoenix.

She is a successful 27 year old Millennial that has going through all the Millennial work/life balance stuff including the constant judgment of loving a job versus chasing the money versus being unemployed by choice.

Amanda is a perfect guest to have on because she is a Millennial that has gone through all of these steps and has figured out how to achieve the perfect Millennial work/life balance.
In this episode, Tony and Amanda talk about:

How to figure out if your current job lines up with your personal values and if it has the ability to fulfill you on some level

The trick in finding the hidden meaning within a job that, on the surface, doesn’t look like a good fit for you

The biggest reason why Millennials are having a difficult time entering the workforce that has been shaped by the “rules” of the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations

A way to keep yourself in balance while you assess if your current job works for you

Why being “unemployed by choice” may be a brilliant move, but only if you follow a couple of important tips on surviving with less money

How you find your “true” friends when you have to make tough decisions while you are re-balancing

Effectively using your most valuable resource to “attract” a job that is more aligned with who you are

Why “Burning Bridges” is way more damaging now than it ever has been

How the Millennial concept of “A rising tide lifts all boats” is brilliant and will forever change how we do business

How to align your Millennial “Value System” with your Baby Boomer or Gen X’er employer’s “Rules” based company

And, there are a few more things, but I think you get the point.

This show was jam packed with brilliant insights by Amanda and with real-world solutions you can start to use immediately.

I would like to thank Amanda again and I look forward to sharing another show done with her, which is full of even more good stuff.

You can find Amanda at @mandaven on both Instagram and Twitter or amandaventura on Facebook.
Thanks for listening to How to Achieve the Perfect Millennial Work/Life Balance and I’ll see you next week.