How Millennials are Changing the World and the Surprising Benefit of Student Loans

This week, my special guest, Amanda and I chat about how Millennials are changing the world and the surprising benefit of student loans.
Amanda, a senior account manager at a very popular PR firm, was nice enough to share some more of her own personal insights into her own Millennial struggles as it relates to those three parts of anyone’s life:  the Social Life, the Work Life and, of course, the Love Life.
How Millennials are Changing the World in a HUGE Way
Amanda makes a great point about what her generation is requiring from a job…which is on a whole different level than what the Gen X’ers or Baby Boomers ever thought of on a large scale.

Millennials are creating a significant paradigm shift as they “require” their job to line up with their own “values” at some level.  This is a big difference from past generations that looked at a job like a job and if you loved it or it was fulfilling on some level, then that was a bonus.
What if Your Job Isn’t Filling Up Your Fulfillment Cup?
Tony brings up a good point about what to do if the job you are in doesn’t completely line up with your values or doesn’t provide a good enough avenue for you to reach an acceptable level of fulfillment.

Hint: There are 24 hours in the day…eight for sleep, eight for work, and eight more you can choose to do whatever you want.  So, what are you doing with your 8?
Everyone Knows the Facebook Life is a Lie…Right?
Amanda talks about Facebook’s influence on how someone feels about their own life and level of accomplishment…with “friends” appearing to be doing more and having more and “Being” more than you on a daily basis.  Tony stresses the importance of understanding that the Facebook Life is slanted WAY to the positive side…those friends are not sharing the crap.
Social Life, Work Life, Love Life …There’s always one that’s a little wobbly
Amanda and Tony then chat about balance with Amanda sharing a great concept about one of the three parts of life always seems to be a little out of balance.  Tony then shares the psychological concept of that imbalance actually being reflecting a good level of balance because the concept of balance doesn’t mean everything is great, it just means you have things where you want them to be and with that, you must continue to nurture and maintain your selected balance.  There’s no such thing as a fulfilled life on Auto Pilot.
Why Student Loans May Be A Good Thing
The remaining portion of the show, Amanda shares her “Student Loan Experience” and how she has effectively handled loan payments while at the same time being able to live her life.

Tony then drops a bit of a bombshell, exclaiming that student loans have actually helped the Millennial generation to shift away from certain life perspectives that have been held onto by the Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers.  Getting away from old-school ways of thinking has generated an amazing amount of thinking with the Millennial generation about what is REALLY important in life.

As always, send me your thoughts or any Millennial issues you would like me to talk about.  Thanks for listening to the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast : How Millennials are Changing the World and the Surprising Benefit of Student Loans.