How Important Is Intellectual Compatibility in a Relationship

If you end up being way smarter than your SO, you might start to ask yourself, How Important is Intellectual Compatibility in a Relationship ?
This week, Lexi and Tony explore the issues a couple faces when one is much smarter than the other.

And, when we say smart, we don’t just mean book smart, Intelligence can take on many form

Actually, there are nine classified types of intelligence and, they can be grouped as either intellectual or emotional intelligence.

The question of relationship success when one partner is much smarter than the other usually comes up as the lust bubble begins to collapse…after the honeymoon passion level starts to fade away.

And, it’s at this time that most couples have to come to terms with big differences in compatibility if they exist.


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Lexi and Tony realize this is a very important and layered problem for some couples, so they try to provide a number of examples where an intelligence gap can be handled. But, they also talk about situations where the gap may be too wide to keep a relationship alive.
One question Tony asks Lexi is, “Given the accepted roles of men and women in our society, is it harder for a smarter woman to be with a less intelligent man or vice versa?
Tony and Lexi finish up by sharing their views on ways to help a significant other raise their level of intelligence in order to narrow the gap.