How an Ice Rink Can Change Your Life

This week, my expert “Voice of Millennial” Mariah and I chat about her recent visit to New York’s Rockefeller Center ice rink and how she surprised herself by learning a valuable life lesson just by being on the ice skating rink.
How can an ice rink change your life?
Mariah noticed that the ice rink acted like a giant equalizer where people from all shapes and sizes and economic levels and coolnesses or nerdnesses gather in one place to strap on a pair of think blades and venture out onto a slippery surface of the unknown.

Interestingly enough, a person’s social standing is left off the ice, revealing unknown talents in some that don’t “look” the part, along with unknown struggles with some who look like they “own it” on a daily basis.
Mariah’s keen insight led us to chatting about all sorts of small life lessons that were presented to her at the ice rink, including:
– A deeper understanding of initial perceptions of others and how that can get in the way of really getting to know the whole person
– How snap judgments could keep you from making a connection that could be beneficial, if you only gave the person more time to present themselves
– How the fear of “looking bad” can keep you from life experiences that could be some of the most rewarding in your life
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