History Repeats : The Virus | The Economy |The Return of the Roaring 20’s

This week’s podcast episode shows how history really does repeat itself.

The show compares the impact of the current Coronavirus with the impact the Spanish Flu had on the world 100 years ago.

Even though it was 100 years ago, the impact of both viruses are eerily similar to each other.

And because they were so similar, it give us a good road map for…

…the best courses of action to take during the virus

…what will happen to our lives and the economy as the virus goes away

…and, what will happen after.

In addition, I talk about the human condition that typically results in the development of a lot of positive things in the midst of dealing with a huge crisis, such as the Coronavirus.

Our basic instinct to overcompensate will most definitely begin a new era of growth and optimism, similar to the Roaring 20’s era after the Spanish Flu.

So, taking a page from history, will you :

…keep things in proper perspective during our current Covid-19 crisis?

…be ready for the upcoming recession and possible depression that will follow?

…stay optimistic and start making plans for the Roaring 2020’s that will arrive some time in 2023?

History has provided us with a road map to follow during and out of this crisis.

Why not use it?

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Stay Safe and Be The Change