Heal Thyself : The Best Way to Recover From a Big Loss

Because I have two good friends that have lost a family member over the last week, I thought it would be good to talk to you about how to Heal Thyself : Best Way to Recover from a Big Loss.
This podcast is all about dealing with a big loss in the most constructive, healthy and healing way. And, when I say loss, it’s not just about the death of someone close to you, but also:
– The end of a meaningful relationship
– Leaving a job or being fired
– Having to move far away
– The loss of a close friendship
– A big material loss like a house
– or, a financial loss
All of these instances will put your mind in a state of grieving where you’ll have to go through the stages of healing in order to move on with your life in a more productive and healthy manner.

This show talks about the characteristics that are the same in all of these types of losses and why they are so impactful on us.
The Stages of Grief
That leads into a discussion on the Stages of Grief, because if you don’t know the stages and how they work, then you won’t be able to successfully navigate your way through.

Then, I talk about certain things that might come up during a difficult time like this in your life, like self-sabotage, major guilt, hopelessness, anger, frustration, mass confusion…and the way you can combat all of these by just knowing how to navigate through the process.

There are also a number of techniques you can use to ground yourself and help the healing process…we’ll talk about a few of those and how they can specifically help you.
How to Be the Perfect Supporter
Lastly, I wanted to turn the tables and talk about what to do if you find yourself in a “supporter” role to someone who is experiencing a big loss. There are some very specific “do’s” and “dont’s” to follow if you want to be the best most productive supporter you can be.

If you have a story of loss and recovery that you think would help others, please share below or go to the javabud.com website and share under the post…because every loss situation is different and your perspective may just be something that helps someone else through a very difficult time.


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