Hanna’s Story : From Fired College Grad to Instagram Influencer

This week, Instagram Influencer, Fashion Blogger and Musician Hanna De la Vega
(ig – @hndelavega)


stopped by the show to share the story of her journey from a fired college graduate to a popular Instagram Influencer.

Hanna was nice enough to share the ups and downs of a fascinating journey that led her from a small town in Washington to Phoenix, Los Angeles and Nashville.

Her life plan of fashion design led to working for Mac, but then an unexpected turn left her with no job and no idea what to do with her life.

Then, out of nowhere, she decided to take a small but bold step into a dream of hers and the rest is history…with much more to come.
In her story, Hanna shares some great tips such as:

The one small action she took that changed her life and how you can do the same

The very best way to create a social media profile and how one small shift in your mindset can lead to brands seeking you out

The secret ingredient to making your post stand out over other similar posts

How important are location hashtags and should you use them?

What is “impatient patient” and why you need to use it in your life

Should you wait until you’re “ready” before you take action?

Hanna’s 3 tips for realizing your dream life

I want to thank Hanna for being so open and allowing me to share her story with you.

It’s all about inspiring ourselves and others … I mean, that’s why we do what we do…right?!

If you have any comments or want to share a part of your story to inspire others, please let me know tony@javabud.com

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