Get Anyone to Listen To You By Doing This…

The Power of Storytelling
Through all my reading and research and Ted Talk watching and talking to experts, I have discovered they pretty much all successful speakers believe in one thing…

…the most effective way to communicate…to get your point across to anyone is by…


Solid research has shown that humans are much more open to listening to stories than they are to someone trying to teach them something.

In this show I share my own journey over the last few weeks into

How to most effectively self-brand

The fact that facts don’t matter AT ALL when your trying to communicate your point

The surprising way you can deliver your message through storytelling without making anyone defensive about their own opinions

How to immediately change someone’s attitude towards you by telling a story.

Professional Storytelling Advice Coming Soon!
I am currently under the guidance of a brilliant speech and storytelling coach and I can’t wait to get her on the show to share her brilliant insights into the art of storytelling.

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