Free Books, Hospital Coffee and Finding Your Groove

This week’s story is all about pressing play again on your life after you’ve had to pause it for a more important reason.

Now, I’m not saying your life right now isn’t important, or that your “purpose journey” shouldn’t be a priority…

…I’m saying, sometimes life throws a big one at you that needs to take priority over everything else…and in my case, it was my daughter getting Leukemia.

It doesn’t have to be as severe as a blood cancer, but whatever big thing happens in your life that takes your focus off your purpose journey, just remember to…

Never give up on your plans

Have Patience

Relax and Accept “What Is”

…and, go back and press play on your life once you handle your big issue.

Other topics on the show include:

– How going off your path may end up benefiting you

– Surprising revelations that come from having to focus on something different

– How Folgers Coffee can blow your mind!

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