Flirt Without Saying A Word

We have gone DEEP into research and are more than happy to share our findings on the best way to Flirt Without Saying  A Word.

Now, the rub here, is that there are different “best” approaches for guys versus girls…so we went to a number of different sources that hit us with a little science about the differences and about the most effective ways to get your “Hey Baby” message across without saying a word.

This week, Tony and Mariah talk about three different lists from three different sources on how to do this…

Tony starts off with the “guys” perspective and discusses the findings of a Bucknell University study that was published in Men’s Health Magazine.

Interestingly enough, both Tony and Mariah had stuff to add to the findings of this study…especially Mariah, with her female viewpoint on the effectiveness of those flirting techniques the study says works best for guys.

Then, it was off to a Cosmo published study, where Mariah had some doubts about a couple of the flirt suggestions.  From a guys standpoint, Tony thought a couple of the Cosmo suggestions were pretty random.

Lastly, they chatted about a Seventeen Magazine silent flirt list for girls that actually seemed reasonable, with some good tips.

Although, both Tony and Mariah thought the article could have gone a little deeper in the reasons why the type of flirting they were suggesting works.

At the end, Tony shares a number of other subtle body language “tells” , or movements that someone’s body will show when they have an interest in someone else.

They are very subtle, but also VERY telling…

Have fun!