Election 2016: Now What, Millennials?

There was no way we weren’t going to talk about the election and how the Millennials impacted the election and how you will be impacted by the election.

Here are some very interesting statistics from The New York Times, CNN and research from a Tufts University Study:

24 million under 30 voted, which is around half of the eligible voters, which is less than the 58% that voted in the last election

55% supported Clinton (60% supported Obama) with 37% supporting Trump

Millennials favored Democrats by 18 points, but was 5 points lower than 2012

(CNN) If just Millennial votes counted, Trump would have won only five of the smaller states…Hillary Clinton would have won by a landslide.

Almost 10% of Millennials voted for a third party candidate

(New York Times) Trump got 48% of the white Millennial vote, Clinton got 43%

Things we discuss in this episode include:

The impact of globalization on the employment structure in place within the U.S.

The main reason why the “Rust Belt” white male voters overwhelming voted Trump into office (and it has nothing to do with racism)

The reason why some seemingly level-headed, hard-working Americans across the country decided to vote for Trump.

How the fundamental need to put food on the table and have a roof over one’s head was the determining factor in this election

How the results would be completely different if just the Millennials voted

Why electing Trump was basically taking a step back in time, but also a HUGE call to action

Why the Millennials have shown they are a positive force going into the future

If you want, let us know what you think.  At this point, no one can really know where this will go from here.  But the good news is, the Millennials have a chance to create BIG changes in the next few years.