Do You Trust Your Gut?

I would like to ask you a very simple, but complicated question:
“Do you trust your gut?”
When I’ve asked clients or friends, I’ve gotten a lot of different answers, so I thought I would do a show about how to get better at trusting your gut…

…because honestly…

…you should.

But you first need to know if what you are feeling is a legit, true self gut feeling or if it’s just your ego trying to get you to make a decision that will not help you in the long run.

In the show I first share with you the 3 Good Feel Stories of the Week

Once homeless, nurse found inspiration to start new path
South Carolina mom blown away by students’ sweet act toward son at lunchtime
Teacher Receives 3 A.M. Message From Former Student, Drives Her To Job Fair And Watches Her Baby

What is Your Gut?
Where does that feeling come from?
Why don’t you fully trust your gut feelings?
The HUGE mistake you make when you don’t trust your gut?
Simple tools to help you to dial into and trust your gut instincts
Does you gut NEED or WANT, and how that will help you decide
And, finally, when to trust your gut.
Personally, I trust my gut, big time and I share a short story at the end of the show as a small example of why I believe in the power of gut instincts.

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