Ditch Your Debt and the Right Way to Use Credit Cards

This week, my own personal financial adviser / guru, Aleksander Cupi (Lifetime Investments and Insurance) joins me to talk about how we can all get rid of debt and how to use are credit cards the right way.
As usual, I start off the show with the 3 Feel Good Stories of the Week:
1. College Student Walked 20 Miles to the First Day of Work So His Boss Gave Him A Car
2. Cop Notices a Boy With Bloody Socks and Returns With A New Pair of Shoes
3. Bicyclist Carries Wounded Dog on His Back, Finds Him a Forever Home
Then, Aleks and I turn to our finance talk and dig into a number of topics including:

How to use credit cards to help you instead of hurt you

When is buying a new car a good idea?

Using your credit cards as leverage to make more money

Should you get a credit card with rewards, points or miles?

Why you should never use your debit card in place of a credit card

How to organize your debt in order to achieve quicker financial stability

Should you put money in savings if you have debt?

Why should you RENT instead of BUY your Fun?

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