Coping In Isolation – Lessons from an Astronaut, Antarctica and Stoicism

In this week’s podcast episode I offer up proven ways to turn your Covid isolation frown upside down.

With the colder weather limiting outdoor activities and less sun there will be higher degrees of isolation anxiety.

The techniques I talk about are basic Stoic Philosophy concepts that have been successfully used by astronauts and researchers that spend months in isolation.

Highlights of the show include:

Advice from an astronaut who spent 11 months in space then came home and had to cope with the Covid isolation

Solutions from Australian researcher David Knoff who spent a year in a remote camp in Antarctica

The power in knowing the 3rd Quarter Phenomenon and how that helped a researcher survive two years in the Biosphere 2 bubble

And finally, how to use the pillars of Stoic philosophy to cope and survive with our Covid isolation over the next few months

Remember, anxiety is not caused by the circumstance, it’s caused by your thoughts and reactions TO the circumstance.

Be good to yourself

Be good to others

Ask for help if you need it

See you on the other side!


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