It’s takes a lot of Confidence to start a business

And for women, the road to being your own boss has been a steeper climb.

Business has been a male-driven institution forever.

But recently that has begun to change dramatically.

More and more women are taking action on their passion, following their dreams and Confidently starting businesses.

However, like all small business owners, women are running into the typical hurdles of time management and realizing the costs of “learning as they go”.

But for women, the emotional toll of burnout and/or Imposter Syndrome are even more severe.

This part of the “starting a business” is the point where most women begin to doubt themselves, lose faith in their dream…basically, lose Confidence.

Today’s show is all about how to best start and succeed in a new business as a woman.

My guest, Michael Ryan, is the Co-Owner (with his wife) and CEO of Threadbare Coffee Company (

Like myself, he is an advocate for Women, being a small business consultant that helps women with starting a business and, more importantly, avoiding burnout and imposter syndrome along the way to success.

Michael has over 13 years of experience in the coffee industry during which he has worked everywhere from the headquarters of Starbucks to local coffee companies.

He spent 8 years as the Operations Manager for a multi-location cafe/roastery that was doing $5M+ in annual revenue.

Michael has been working with clients for over 9 years training, coaching, and consulting.

His clients have included startups, importers, roasters, cafes, and companies doing all of the above. Michael talks about imposter syndrome, the difference between men and women small businesses, the unique problems women face when starting a business and the concept of “Humble” Confidence and how that can help women to create a positive mindset leading to success.

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