Special Guest Larissa Salazar, Brand Strategist and Master Business Coach with Brand Builders Group, shares her story about how she got a bad reputation in college and how she was finally able to create the Confidence necessary to own it while empowering herself at the same time.

For years she denied, fought and resisted this unearned bad reputation and lost a lot of time, energy and focus because of it.

Then, after finally distancing herself from her college past, a random Instagram post led to being called out again for something she didn’t even do, years earlier…the bad reputation returned.

Then, something miraculous happened…

Larissa was able to shift her energy and accept the unjust past reputation and finally freed herself from the pain and emotion that dwelled in her for so long.

Larissa not only shares her personal story but also provides what Confidence technique worked for her and what you can do if you’re ever faced with the same type of injustice.

If you would like to check out the YouTube video of the show:  https://youtu.be/fL7qApB82vA