Casual Sex … Yes or No?

Casual Sex … Yes or No?  Healthy…not so healthy?  Good…Bad?  For…Against?

This week’s Walk of Shame Radio Podcast gets into what really is “Casual Sex” and why it can be both good or bad, all depending upon the individual and the circumstance.

And, in an interesting twist…Tony and Lexi DO NOT agree on this topic, at all.

Tony starts off the show by sharing an interesting fact about Millennials in that they appear to be having more casual sex, but with less partners in comparison to past generations.

Then, Tony and Lexi share and discuss some groundbreaking research that is being done by NYU professor Zhana Vrangalova.

She has a website called, where people write in with their stories about casual sex.  And, although there’s a good chance a lot of the stories are bullshit, I think the site has some merit and is a very interesting read.

In addition to the website, Dr. Vrangalova has done a number of studies with college-aged adults regarding casual sex, in terms of how they define it and what type of person is most likely to engage in casual sex.

At this point, Lexi throws out the question of what the definition of casual sex is.  And, although, there can be as many definitions as there are people who have an opinion, Tony indicates there is a generally accepted definition that has to do with the sex being just for sex sake and not linked to any ego need for acceptance and not with an expectation of the act leading towards a relationship.

That’s why the definition is so tricky, because it really does come down to the individual and, more importantly, the individual in the moment.

Because, you can have an independent, grounded, self-assured college girl that is secure in her sexuality make a conscious choice to have sex with someone just for the experience, because the moment seemed right…or, you could have that same girl having too much to drink and finding herself making bad choices that end up in having sex with someone she would otherwise choose to not give the time of day to.

And, other important factors also enter into your thoughts of casual sex, like… your moral upbringing, religious guidelines that lead to guilt or shame, being more socially conservative or socially liberal, and how comfortable you are with your body and your sexuality.

The bottom line in figuring out if casual sex is ok for you in a particular circumstance is easy to figure out…just ask yourself “Why do I want to do this?”…if the answer is for a great experience and you’re not trying to get back at someone or fill some ego void of thinking you need to do this to feel loved…then, go for it…