Beware of These Relationship Killers

Beware These Sneaky Relationship Killers !
This week, Lexi and I are not talking about obvious relationship killers like cheating or abuse of any kind…we are talking about the sneaky things that happen between two people that can kill a relationship.
In this show we nail down:

The important difference between criticizing behavior and criticizing character

The #1 thing that will destroy your level of trust in your relationship FOREVER!

Is it your SO’s responsibility to “inspire” you?

How much is too much when it comes to compromising yourself for your significant other?

Is it a bad thing to fantasize about other people during sex with your significant other?

I start the show by using the very popular list of “4 Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble”, by renowned relationship expert John Gotman.

Then, I add another sign that, I feel, is the most telling sign that there’s trouble with your relationship.

Lexi and I go into detail about 10 behaviors that can take over a relationship without you even knowing.
Conflict is a Good Thing?
We also discuss the need for conflict in a relationship as a way to keep the sneaky behaviors from taking over your relationship.

As always, Lexi and I come at this topic from two different guy/girl perspectives, but with the same objective…to shed light on certain behaviors so you can be aware the moment they start to slowly kill your relationship.

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