Best of Walk of Shame – Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number – Part 1

We continue with another Best of the Walk of Shame Radio Podcast episode – this time it’s about…
Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number
This is the first of two parts on the benefits, the challenges and the stigma that comes along with dating someone either older or younger than you.

And, when we say older/younger, we’re not talking about a couple years here and there…this show is about an age range that other people can tell there’s a good amount of difference.
Lexi Talks Cougar
Lexi starts the show off by talking about her friend that is in a “Cougar” situation (he’s a younger dude that is dating an older girl ).  Interestingly enough, the guy let the girl set the tone and actually pick him up and select the dinner destination, which happened to be one of the most expensive places in town.  And, then she picks up the bill.  Let’s just say the story gets interesting from there.
Tony Talks Energy
Tony then shifts the discussion to age being more of an “energy” thing versus the year someone was born.  This leads to talk about older and younger souls and age taking a backseat to connecting on an energy level.

Lexi then brings up a good point about potentially getting pressure from family and/or friends when the age difference is obvious.  And, since there is so much to this particular discussion, Tony and Lexi decide to wait until the next show where they can fully get into why Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.