Best of the Walk of Shame – Talking Bisexuality with Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl

Our Most Popular Episode Back by Popular Demand
This week Lexi and I thought it would be fun to our most popular episode ever… Talking Bisexuality with our friend Max, or “Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl”.

Max is a male model, bartender and, obviously bisexual.  Since this show originally aired in May 2015, Max has gone on to do some serious modeling gigs in Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

Max was invited to the show because of his unique perspective of being a bisexual man that can, let’s be honest, catch the eye of a lot of women as well as gay men. And, because of his attraction to both guys and girls, both sexually and emotionally, he can speak to the similarities and differences in dating and relationships with both genders.

Also, Max, Tony and Lexi share their experiences in the service industry (most specifically in the restaurant industry).

Max talks about the situations where he turns into Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl.
The Life of a Bartender or Server
Tony talks about how much easier it is to connect to people as a server or a bartender because you are performing (showing your personality and originality) on stage and you have an immediate “in” with attractive girls because it’s your job to introduce yourself…it’s the perfect “open”.

Lexi shares her stories about connecting with patrons…how to deal with close-minded idiots and how difficult is can be at times to keep her boundaries with certain customers.
The Difficulties of Growing Up Bisexual
In the second half of the show, Max is very open about how he became aware of his sexuality, how he handled it growing up, how his family reacted and how he has come to accept himself for who he is versus what his sexual orientation is…
Big Announcement!
And lastly, which is actually firstly because I open the show with this announcement…

After a year and a half and over 50 shows, the Walk of Shame Radio Podcast is going through a transition.  On the heels of Tony’s upcoming book, “Surrounded by Idiots”, he has decided to morph the dating and relationship stuff covered in the Walk of Shame podcast, into a lifestyle, personal growth and development, life transition/meaning of life stuff podcast which will be called…
The Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast 
The transition will take a few weeks and in the meantime we will mix up our weekly releases with our most popular “Best of” episodes as well as some new ones.

As a sidenote, the “Walk of Shame Radio Podcast” will turn into “Walk of Shame Wednesdays”, where one Wednesday a month I’ll focus solely on dating and relationship stuff on the “Surrounded by Idiots Show”.

I hope you enjoy this “Best of” and hope you get on board with the new show, which will debut in about a month.  I’ll talk more about the new show in the upcoming weeks.