Best Of – How to Crush the Quarter Life Crisis

This week we’ve been busy gathering data for some upcoming shows so I thought I would share with you the first Surrounded by Idiots Podcast episode, and one of the most popular episodes over the last two years, How to Crush the Quarter Life Crisis.

Fortunately for both of us, my dear friend and “voice of Millennial”, Mariah was able to join me for this show. Damn, if she doesn’t have some amazing insight about her/your generation!

What is a Quarter Life Crisis?
We start off the show by talking about what really is a Quarter Life Crisis, then quickly move into the fact that this phenomenon really isn’t a new Millennial concept…it has actually been around for generations.

Actually, I went through this same quarter life crisis when I was 25 and I am more than happy to share my story in the hopes that you can get something out of the one tragic mistake I made during my crisis that made is way harder for me to recover and get back on my feet.

And, Mariah was nice enough to also share her quarter life crisis story. Interestingly enough, she actually had TWO quarter life crises…one having to do with her job/purpose and the other having to do with that dreaded word… RELATIONSHIP.

Make the Quarter Life Crisis Work for You
My main goal in this show was to let you know that going through a quarter life crisis is a legit right of passage into adulthood…it’s not easy…And, there is a much better way to handle it than just blowing your life up and dealing with mass destruction on all levels.

I hope you enjoy the replay of the first episode of the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast, and if you have anything you would like me to talk about, please drop me a line at or go to the website and go to the contact page.


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