Best of: An Honest Talk About Body Image

Best of the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast: An Honest Talk About Body Image
NOTE: This was one of the most popular episodes and a very important message about an ongoing issue for a lot of you.

This week, Tony and Lexi welcome Sierra Rich, Certified Personal Trainer and operator of Body Movement, a fitness/training company in Tempe, Arizona.

Sierra posted a very moving post on her Instagram about her own struggles with body image, which led Tony to invite her on the show to talk about her own story as well as how she confronts her client’s body image issues.

Once Tony set the talking points and the definitions of positive and negative body issues, Sierra, Lexi and Tony all shared their own personal stories about body image and how they have learned tools and techniques to shift from the negative into a more positive body image attitude.

They also talk about the positive and negative impact social media has on body image, including a frank discussion about “fitspo” girls on Instagram and the unrealistic expectations that are being sold by “normal” women on social media.

As an extra bonus, here’s an article that has helped me to tackle my own binge eating problem:
How to Stop Binge Eating in Three Unusual Steps
Don’t forget to go to for the complete show notes as well as links to all of the articles and studies mentioned in the podcast.