Are Weed and Booze the Answer to A Longer Life?

The Question is…can weed and booze help you to live a longer life?
Apparently, the answer is “yes” (at least to the booze part), based on a recent study released by the University California Irvine.

So, of course, this week we had to talk about the benefits of drinking on the show today. And, since Lexi is a full-on weed junkie, we thought we would share our thoughts on the benefits of pot as well.

Some points we chat about include:
– The positive findings from the UCI study
– A 2015 study about the benefits to Alzheimer’s patients
– A 2017 study about the link between drinking and less cardiovascular disease
– The fact that no one has EVER died from an overdose on pot
– Lexi’s vast experience with marijuana, alcohol and the combination of both
– At what age should you start smoking weed if that is your life’s ambition?
– Do opinions on pot and drinking differ depending on your age?
– The Prescription Drug Irony
– The bottom line when it comes to having pot and/or booze in your life
– The concept of Yin and Yang and how it can positively guide you through life

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