Are Dogs Better Than People?

Do you think Dogs are better than People?!
If you are a dog owner or you know a dog owner, I don’t think you’ll be surprised by the fact that a high percentage of people answer “Yes” to this question without hesitation…this was the case with my Millennial co-host Mariah.

This episode is all about our dogs and how much they bring to our lives. Some of the topics we touch on include:
– The benefits of owning a dog
– The reason why we are so attached to our dogs
– How we use our dogs to size up someone
– How dogs actually make us healthier, both mentally and physically
– How our dog’s opinion of a dating partner or SO has a huge impact on the relationship
– How dogs reflect the character qualities we wish we operated with on a daily basis
– and much more
Mariah and I also go over a number of research studies and articles (Barkpost, Elite Daily, Buzzfeed, Newsweek )  that all point to how important our dogs are and why we shouldn’t feel guilty whatsoever if we believe dogs are better than people.

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