Approval Seeking – The Good and the Bad

When it comes to Approval Seeking – there is actually a good way to do it and a bad way to do it.


Introducing your potential forever Boo to your friends and family, things can get complicated.


Don’t worry!


Lexi and Tony are here to help!


On this weeks episode of The Walk Of Shame Radio Podcast we discuss whether or not your friends approval is really that important when it comes to the people you date.


Yes, it’s always an amazing feeling to witness a genuine friendship come out of “the introduction” and that is ideal.


BUT, when if your friends don’t have a true sense of self and if YOU (Most importantly) are unsure of who you are, things will get messy!


It all comes down to TRUST!


Trust in your judgement, trust in your friends judgement, and when it comes to your relationship trust that this person is being wholeheartedly themselves.


When the time comes to mesh these worlds together all you can do is let the energy take control and the universe make the decision for you.


Tony explains that patterns have a lot to do with our dating habits and really breaks it down for us psychologically, but if your friends continue to date assholes as well, maybe you should reconsider whose acceptance is most valuable.


There are no unbiased opinions when it comes to giving advice, so even if you are on the friend’s side and someone you love is taking the step to introduce their potential S.O. to you, be aware that your guidance and support is more important than the advice you give.

Lastly, Tony wanted to let you know he will have an announcement about his new book, “Surrounded by Idiots”.