A Story About Prison and Perspective

This week I talked with Toni S., author of Down the Rabbit Hole, about how her life went from perfect to being in prison, and the huge lessons learned during and after her time in jail.

Toni was very open and honest in sharing her journey from divorce, to drug and alcohol use and the final act of revenge on her ex-husband that, at first glance wouldn’t be considered severe, but it still landed her in prison.

As someone who has never experienced jail or prison from the inside, I found Toni’s stories fascinating.

Some of the topics we chat about in the show include:

 Which is worse, jail or prison?In jail, you typically spend 90% of your time doing this… Creating elaborate recipes out of everyday prison food The transformational power of a piece of pizza Why your true self is forced out into the open in prison

And, at the end of the show, Toni shares her biggest lesson she learned while being in prison and how it has made her a stronger, more confident and successful woman.

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