A Story About Mickey Mouse, A Breakroom Outburst and Being Authentic

This week’s episode is about my time as a Disneyland employee and what Mickey Mouse taught me about being authentic.

Right out of high school I got a job at Disneyland as a Submarine Captain.

And, during that time, I shared a breakroom with a bunch of employees including the people who dressed up in the costumes.

One day, Mickey Mouse came in…took off his head…lit up a smoke…and began to rant about all the bratty kids he dealt with on his last shift.

I found this to be really funny at the time, being really young, but later in life, I realized that Mickey was teaching me a valuable lesson.

Just because Mickey lost his head and bagged on the brats, doesn’t mean he isn’t being authentic.

Being authentic is not about moment to moment shifts in emotions…it’s about who you are in the big picture.

So many people think that their emotions or behaviors are directly related to their authenticity…they think they either have to express or react to every little thing in order to be authentic….

…or they start to feel bad that they did lose their cool with someone because that’s not what they want their authentic self to be…ending up in a shame spiral.

The worst mistake I’ve seen with people is they really don’t know what being authentic is…so here you go….

…Being authentic is being Mickey Mouse….

…He keeps putting his head back on and gets back out there because he has a CAUSE…he believes in the Disney cause of creating a magical world and terrific memories for all who come to Disneyland.

Mickey can still whine about bratty kids or being too hot or not getting enough breaks…but he’s still being authentic because he’s committed to the cause.

I end the show by asking you to do a quick little self inventory to see if you have a cause and if you’re being authentic with your actions to live accordingly.

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