A Story About a Restaurant, A Song and An Exploding Comfort Bubble

This week I share the story of the event that shaped who I am today.

Long ago I attended a seminar that was so emotionally deep that I decided I would try to fake my way through.

Unfortunately, the facilitator saw right through my little scheme and called me out.

What she made me do on Day 2 of the seminar while the entire group was having lunch at a restaurant was the craziest thing I had ever done…

…and it ended up completely changing the direction of my life and shaping who I am and what I do today.

It’s a story about surrendering and going with the flow and taking action when you are scared out of your mind…

…It’s ultimately about trusting yourself and trusting the process, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to learn and grow and discover your path of purpose in your life.

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