A Perfect Example of a Purpose Project

Today I bring my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Angela, back on the show to talk about her real time Purpose Project journey.
What is a Purpose Project?
When I say Purpose Project, I mean that thing or niche that you feel is your thing…is your special gift you have to share with the world.

It’s not necessarily a side hustle just to make extra money…actually it’s not that at all.

A Purpose Project is about giving time and energy to that hobby or business idea that is the truest expression of who you are and what you have to offer to this world…basically, it’s a legacy project.
When your dead and buried, how will people remember you? Your Purpose Project is the answer to that question.
On the show this week, Angela briefly fills us in on how crazy it is to plan a wedding, then talks about her real life ongoing search and stuggles as she wades into the entrepreneurial waters of her Purpose Project.

Some of the things we talk about include:

What is the Entrepreneurial itch and what to do if you have it?

The First Step in exploring an interest that will lead to a Purpose Project

When to pull the trigger and start things in motion

How to use your tribe’s opinions without second guessing yourself

How a Skills and Interests List can help you to focus on your message

The role of self-doubt along the journey and the reason why it’s ok

Why is Modeling so important in this process?

Why focusing on making a buck is a huge mistake

Should you go all in or keep your day job?

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