A Birthday Surprise, Masking the Truth and Being a Team Player

This Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast episode is mostly about how wearing a mask to save lives is somehow political and offensive to some people.

I begin the show with an interesting realization that my birthday has always been on Juneteenth.

Now, I had an idea what that day was but for 55 years really didn’t absorb it until the past few weeks of protests and Black Lives Matter successfully expanded my clarity on the issue…so…that’s pretty cool…

Happy Juneteenth!

Then I dive deep into the current controversy of wearing a mask in public to help in preventing the spread of Covid-19 / the Coronavirus.

The virus is still here and still spreading and now has an ally…

…government leaders and people that are impatient and who’ve reached maximum isolation fatigue and have rationalized opening things up again.

Of course this has led to a huge surge in cases.

Just because we were focusing on something else doesn’t mean the coronavirus went away.

So, because of the collapsing economy, wanting to look good and overall human stupidity, here we are again.

And here in Phoenix, Arizona, the increase has been one of the largest in the nation…however,

…even with that, the Republican governor has refused to mandate mask wearing.

Which led to my daughter (immune suppressed Leukemia-survivor) to take action and write a letter expressing concern for her safety as well as the safety of other vulnerable people who need all the help they can get.

This led me to really explore the reasons why someone wouldn’t “do the right thing” or “act responsibly” and wear a mask.

In the show I talk about all of the reasons that have been given for not wearing a mask…from irresponsible to flat-out ridiculous.Then, I uncover some of the non-spoken, subconscious reasons why people aren’t wearing masks and how it makes perfect sense given the current binary thinking and divisive leadership going on in this country.

It comes down to a foundational, moral ,ethical, character choice:

The SelforThe Collective

The deep psychological and philosophical motivations behind not wearing a mask stem from generations of limited thinking that have currently risen to the surface because they are now given permission through the modeled actions of the president…so, here we are.

I end the show with a typical Call To Action, which has more to do about being conscious, consistent and compassionate more than anything else.

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Wear a Mask – Be Good to Yourself – Be Good to Others