3 Traits Found in Every Successful Relationship

My own experience with relationship and couples therapy, combined with years of study indicates there are 3 traits found in every successful relationship.
This week, Lexi and I talk about the must have traits in order to have a successful relationship. And we’re not just talking about significant other relationships…these traits need to be a part of every type of relationship…friend, co-worker, family, etc.

Tune in to discover:
– the 3 traits (obviously)
– How to know when you have them or when you lose them or even, if you can ever keep them with a particular person
– How to avoid jealousy and competition in a relationship
– The power of context in understanding subtle shifts in a relationship
– Other traits that are almost as important as the three
– Find out how to best combine all of the traits you want into a formula for relationship success

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