3 Tips to Crush the Holidays

Since we are gearing up for the holiday season, I thought I would share 3 quick tips to help you to get dialed in and crush the holidays.
This time of year can be so stressful and all of the holiday stuff just adds to the long list of stuff you have to do the rest of the year.

So, today’s episode is all about putting and keeping the holidays in their place so you can still be rockin’ your life without letting Uncle Bob’s annoying questions over Thanksgiving turkey get you down.
The tips are all about perspective and awareness.
Use these three tips to better understand why the people around act the way they do during the holidays…

…why you lose three months of possible growth and personal awareness if you let the holiday season consume you

…and, how you can use the holiday season to re-prioritize who should be in your inner circle…your tribe.

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Keep crushing it!

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