3 Proven Steps to Keep You from Losing It

I have a feeling, after this week, that I should offer up 3 Proven Steps to Keep You from Losing It.
When I say “losing it” I mean, it’s when you cross over from being annoyed, or even super-pissed to foaming-at-the-mouth ranting, eyes of fire, machine-gunning expletives, uncontrollable crying, aneurism-inducing, effin’ mother effin’ FURIOUS! (Ex. Hulk, Tasmanian Devil, Charlie Sheen on an average day).

I realized this would be a great topic for this week only after acknowledging the fact that I REALLY needed to do these steps myself.  Seriously, after two years of doing this show, this was the most difficult week to be able to sit down and figure out what the hell I was going to talk about.

I mean, it’s Thursday night and I’m just writing this out now (usually I’ve already posted the show and am spit-balling topics for next week).

You know when you come up against a wall and there appears to be no real reason why there’s a wall planted right in front of you…mocking you and your every move…then you just get pissed that you can’t get it done? Queue the downward spiral.

It took me a little Mindfulness break, which included downing an entire box of those new toffee Girl Scout cookies…much appreciated you little badge-hungry sugar pushers!), to finally realize I was blocking myself by not addressing the anger and frustration I was carrying inside of my tiny potato brain.

Clearly I was not ok with all the shit that went down here in the U.S. with the actions taken by the new administration.  For your benefit, I will not get into specifics…perhaps we can chat about that later, over a drink or six.

So, I did some healthy yelling at the television and mild venting to the sorry sons-a-bitches that happened to cross my path, thinking that those actions and my established “groundedness” (not sure if that’s a word) would keep my head clear and ready to create content.

Nope…I got sucked into all the crap and then vented and then tried to focus on writing the show, and, what a shocker, I was blocked, like a kid’s colon after consuming an entire package of American Cheese in one sitting (including some wrapped slices, from what I can remember).

What I didn’t do is practice what I preach…yep, happens to all of us at one time or another.

What I didn’t do was use the 3 proven steps I’m going to share with you that will quickly and effectively ground you and get your mind right so you can get back to the more important aspects of your life, like improving on your plan for world domination. (Side Note: if you need any ideas for that, just Google Stalin or Dr. Evil or Steve Bannon).

Just for being such a good sport, I would like to provide you with a way to get my latest FREE mini-guide.  This one is all about 7 Proven Phrases That Will Immediately Bring More Love, Money and Happiness Into Your Life.  Here’s the link      http://wp.me/P7LiCb-i1

So, to make these steps easy to remember, I’m going to use the same directions we already follow if and when we find ourselves on fire…the three steps are Stop, Drop and Roll.

Step 1 is to STOP. This is what the psychology community calls a “pattern interrupt”. And, in this case I want you to Yell, “Okay!” when you find yourself at that part of your rant where you’re either a bumbling saliva projection machine or your so pissed you’re making up your own words.  Personally, I usually accompany the yelling with standing up or at least putting my hands up like I’m surrendering to the authorities after they finally discover my black market Chihuahua pajama manufacturing operation.   This step is used to “shock” you out of your rage flow…you are using the big, thinking rationale part of your brain along with your physical body in order to “snap you out” of an almost unconscious state of pissed.  When you do this correctly and with enough force, it will feel like you just woke yourself up from a “Walking Dead” type nightmare.  Then, in that brief moment,