3 Proven Paths Out of a Soul-Crushing Job and Into a Fulfilling Career

Is your current job unfulfilling?
Do you go into deep depression every Sunday night?
Is your job draining your will to live?
If so, here you go…3 Proven Paths out of a Soul-Crushing Job and into a Fulfilling Career.
As a coach and mentor to mostly young adults, I see this issue with the vast majority of my clients.
Millennials and Job Dissatisfaction
What’s up with the huge spike in Job Dissatisfaction with the Millennial Generation?

According to the Gallup Organization, Millennials are the least engaged generation at work–with only 28.9 percent of U.S. Millennials engaged in their jobs. That means that over 70 percent are not.

But Why?

After going through a bunch of other surveys about job dissatisfaction, I noticed there were 3 major reasons why the Millennial generation is having such a hard time with this, which includes:

1. How the shock of the Great Recession impacted your parents way of raising you.

2. How the social media “Highlight Reel” reality is messing you up, even though you know all of your friends aren’t REALLY that happy.

3. And, the impact of being at a company that isn’t aligned with your personal ideals and/or purpose.
So…that being said, here are three proven paths out of a soul crushing job and into a more fulfilling career
1. How to Start a Purpose Project, which is NOT a side gig
2. How Volunteering can lead you to your dream career
3. And finally, how to stay at your current “lousy” job and make it more fulfilling
Bottom line…you’re not stuck and there are a lot of options depending on your current life context.

Some or all of these options may or may not be available, depending on where you’re at right now.

It’s up to you to make it happen.
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