3 Crucial Steps to Millennial Money Mastery

Congratulations, you’ve found your way back into the Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast…this show is all about exposing the 3 Crucial Steps to Millennial Money Mastery.
Money Expert in the House
This week, it was my privilege to welcome to the show, a legit Millennial Money Expert, Amanda Abella.

Amanda is an online business coach, speaker and author of the Amazon bestselling book Make Money Your Honey: A Spirited Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having a Love Affair with Work and Money. She is committed to helping millennials (and anyone who wants to join us) have a better relationship with work and money by means of entrepreneurship, online marketing and abundance mindset.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Seventeen and Business Insider among other top publications. She has also spoken at a national level for The Financial Blogger Conference, Femfessionals, American Student Assistance and more. Lastly she is a regular contributor for popular blogs like Money Under 30, Care2, Wisdom Times and several others.
Why Am I Not Making the Kind of Money I Know I Can and Should Make?
So, for this show, Amanda and I tackled a number of money issues that young adults are trying to understand

Confronting your own finances
Your own thoughts about money and how that influences your current money relationship
Your family’s influence on your relationship with money
What to pay, when and how much…priorities
The scary thought of investing
Use “The Millionaire Next Door” to get your head straight about money

3 Easy Steps to Money Mastery
We broke the show up into 3 basic steps that are needed for you to get a good grip on your finances

Cultivate the right Mindset

What’s your money story?
Acceptance of what is and how to shift your perspective

The “B” word (Budget)

Take inventory (Go on a date with your budget)
Prioritize your expenses

Taking care of yourself first
How to handle credit card debt and student loans

Investing (Good idea/bad idea, when?)
Creating a side hustle

The HUGE importance of passive income

Seek Help and Advice

Finding a coach or mentor
Surrounding yourself with the right people

We finish off the show with a couple “Ask the Expert” questions

When is the right time to move out of the parent’s house or ditch the roommates and get my own place?
What should I do with my tax refund?

If you have any additional questions or comments, you know where to find me, or hit up Amanda.


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