2 Doctors | 1 Story | Your Relationships

This week’s show sheds light on how we see things in life and how that shapes our reality and the level of success we have with our relationships.

The story told is about my daughter’s ongoing battle with Leukemia and the way that two doctors communicated the same message so completely different.

This example shows there are a number of ways to frame the same picture…question is…are you using the right frame?

Show topics include:

The power of learning how to frame your life for ultimate successHow to live off the good news even when you know the bad newsHow using too small a frame on your relationships will end in disasterHow one dead fish on a beautiful beach can make or break your experience

Your Call To Action

Take a few minutes and think back to something that happened where you thought it was bad or didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Then, try to reframe that experience so you can get something positive out of it.

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