Let’s face it, in these post Covid days, life IS different so we need to make some new lifestyle choices.

Regardless if your life turned upside down over the last couple of years, or it seems not much has changed, the world around you has DEFINITELY changed.

So, the question is…How can you become more aware or rise above the post Covid changes in order to:

  • Be more aware and more in control of your life
  • Use the changes to your advantage in shaping your path through the anxiety, confusion, anger, frustration, and on to a more balanced, peaceful and successful life.

In this week’s show, I talk about how this current post Covid time is similar to right after the Spanish Flu happened in 1919 and how the successful people adjusted to their new lifestyle.

I also talk about a new book by author Nicholas Christakis that does a great job at comparing post Covid to post Spanish Flu and:

  • The reasons why people overreacted and were so divided, just like right now
  • What people relied on to cope and process the changes happening around them
  • How the post flu era started a mini artistic renaissance
  • And, when he thinks the post Covid era will end and we will get back to a more normal lifestyle

At the end of the show, I share a simple exercise you can do in 10 minutes that can help to reduce your anxiety or confusion about the current changes and get more clear on moving forward in your life more empowered than ever!

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